Sandblasting is an efficient method for removing old paint and rust from a metal object to prepare it for painting. Sandblasting is performed on virtually any metal object, from patio furniture to car parts, and creates a smooth surface due to the abrasive qualities of the sand. After sandblasting, the metal object must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of dirt and grease as well as residual traces of sand that will interfere with the paint.

We use as dry sandblasting also wet sandblasting and sodablasting. All of this type blasting is easy to perform with our special equipment, which is the best in Baltic states. We could clean as small parts, also buildings and vessels. We could clean not only steel parts, also wood furniture for restauration.

Performing sandblasting of metal products, we offer also cleaning of wooden products, such as furniture. With our equipment, we can do the delicate cleaning, such as cleaning graffiti from walls without damaging the wall surface. Our company perform cleaning work on a commercial scale as well as small (cleaning car wheels, sandblasting car bodies and parts, cleaning concrete surfaces, etc.)

Wet sandblasting has the advantage of being dust free and is therefore suitable for places where the dust would otherwise make the job impossible.

Before repair of any surface, concrete or metal, to achieve sprcified profile need to sandblast surface.

To be maximum mobile we use innovative sanblasting equipment, what could perform work with dry sandblasting, also wet and sodablasting.