Food & Beverage


Polymer Service specializes in protective coatings and repair materials for your food and beverage manufacturing facilities, equipment and aging infrastructure. Our solutions utilize the best coatings and repair materials in the industry today.

Heat Exchangers & Condensers – our smooth, low friction coatings have excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Our repair materials can be used to repair damage to tube sheets, condenser plates and covers.

Holding Tanks – internal and external corrosion and chemical resistant coatings with excellent abrasion and impact resistance. Ideal protection against most chemicals, even in immersion conditions.

Production Area Walls – seamless impact resistant and easy to clean coatings

Staff Facilities – seamless coatings and screeds that are easy to clean and maintain and provide excellent slip resistance. Perfect impact and abrasion resistant properties

Containment Areas – high performance coatings specifically developed to protect surfaces against most industrial chemical spills and leaks. Excellent adhesion to most surface with good impact resistance.

Pipework – chemical and corrosion resistant coatings to protect your pipework. Includes flexible reinforced coatings designed to encapsulate and lag all types of thermal insulation. Superb protection against impact and abrasion damage.