Marine & Offshore


Pipework – our protective coatings can be used internally and externally on your pipes to protect them from corrosion and chemical damage. We also offer outstanding resistance to impact and abrasion damage. Our flexible reinforced coatings can encapsulate and lag all types of thermal insulation materials.

Heat Exchangers & Condensers – our smooth, low friction coatings have excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Our repair materials can be used to repair damage to tube sheets, condenser plates and covers.

Tanks – internal and external corrosion and chemical resistant coatings with excellent abrasion and impact resistance. Ideal protection against most chemicals, even in immersion conditions.

Pumps –Internal surface of pumps often suffering of abrasion and cavitation. We perform repair and protection coating of damaged impellers, casing weared by cavitation,weared shafts is also could be restored, even in bearing place. Our 100% solid products is ideal for pumps.

Anti-slip surface – In today’s harsh environments, facility floors endure constant abuse and the repair and maintenance of these areas present an ongoing challenge to facility engineers. Loctite® Big Foot® anti-slip floor coating system provides the solutions needed to keep facilities looking good and performing great.The system provides a durable non-slip surface with excellent adhesion, wear and chemical resistance.

Engine – we provide a wide range of composite materials especially suited to the repair and restoration of engines and casings. Used regularly in large industrial engines such as locomotives, marine engines and generators.Damage due to cavitation, impact damage, corrosion and cracking can be quickly repaired using composite materials. Our cold cure and solvent free products are