Hospitals & Schools


Polymer Service specializes in protective coatings and repair materials for your hospital and school facilities, equipment and aging infrastructure. Our solutions utilize the best coatings and repair materials in the industry today.

Heat Exchangers & Condensers – our smooth, low friction coatings have excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Our repair materials can be used to repair damage to tube sheets, condenser plates and covers.

Floors – our resurfacing screeds and protective coatings provide hard wearing surfaces that are easy to clean and offer excellent impact and abrasion resistance. Many are VOC free.

Shower Blocks & Changing Rooms – these hygienic floor and wall systems offer excellent slip resistance and easy to clean surfaces.

Kitchens & Dining Areas – coatings and screeds for walls and floors with excellent impact and abrasion resistance that are easy to clean and maintain.

Metal Corrosion – coatings that offer excellent protection against corrosion that will damage your metal surfaces.