External repair and reinforce system

piplinThis innovative repair solution for steel pipes is a fast and economical alternative to pipe replacement. Providing materials for surface preparation, reinforcement and top coating, this all-in-one solution is applied directly to the pipe’s surface. The repair system reinforces and seals steel pipes designed for high pressure, temperature and chemical resistance. This system is specifically developed to meet the requirements of ISO/TS 24817.

UntitledAll jobs type of repair is approved by GL&DNV, our applicators are certified. Special report with calculation will be given.



External repairing (A and B type) composite wrap repair system

Two different kind of repairs:

  • Repair of corroded pipe & pipeline (A = none through wall defect)
  • Repair of cracks and holes (B = through wall defect)

Application Areas

  • Repair system for steel pipes
  • Pipes with outside or inside corrosion
  • Pipes subject to chemical attack or mechanical wear
  • Complex geometries: bends, tees, reducers & flanges
  • Refineries and petrochemical plants, power plants, water
  • Utilities, etc.


  • No need to replace pipes
  • In situ repair
  • Increase pipe lifetime by up to 20 years
  • Tailor-made repair determined by calculation.
  • Specific training given.

Non through wall defect pipe repair and protection system.


Pipe repair and protect with through wall defect.