Water / Wastewater


The Polymer Service specializes in protective coatings and repair materials for your facilities, equipment and aging infrastructure. Our solutions utilize the best coatings and repair materials in the industry today.

Pump Refurbishment & Efficiency Enhancement – our ceramic enhanced linings protect your equipment against wear and provide low friction surfaces that will enhance the efficiency of fluid management. Use our metal repair compounds to rebuild worn parts in your fluid flow equipment.

Pipeline Rehabilitation – we have solutions for repairing your aging pipeline infrastructure including insitu lining, exterior pipe wrap systems and interior joint sealing systems. Our solutions can save you the cost of pipeline replacement. Our spray applied lining system is minimal dig in most cases (entrance and exit points only) which saves you the cost of excavating the entire pipeline. The internal joint sealing system can also be used to repair larger areas of damaged pipe (diameter must be large enough for the crew to enter the pipe). Call us to find out more.

Sewage and Effluent Storage – Our chemical resistant coating systems are for storage tanks of any construction. Our concrete repair systems are used to resurface containment floors, walls, coving and gullies.

Mechanical Equipment – our metal, ceramic materials offer a range of rapid repair solutions for all types of machinery including transfer screws, gates, shafts, valves, pumps and etc. Use our ceramic enhanced and chemical resistant coatings are used to protect the parts once they are repaired.

Wastewater Treatment Vessels – our metal and concrete repair system offer rapid rebuild solutions and our tank coating materials offer supreme chemical resistance for all processes within the wastewater treatment operation including screens, sedimentation, aeration and digester vessels.